McDonald’s, one of the most recognizable brands in history, is playing up its classic iconography in a new ad campaign in Germany.

The “Everyday Icon” campaign, the brainchild of Karl Wolfgang Epple, creative director of German ad agency thjnk, and shot by photographer Matthieu Lavanchy, blurs the line between emoji and IRL objects, highlighting just how recognizable McDonald’s visual language really is.

Three images are being used in the campaign: a Royal TS (the German equivalent of a Quarter Pounder), a soda cup, and a carton of fries. Each has been styled and photographed to look strikingly similar to the emojis we use every day, highlighting how influential McDonald’s has been on our perception of how burgers, fries, and soda cups should look.

As Epple explains, “For example, if you look at the french fries emoji. Why does it look like that? Why is it red and yellow? It’s because it’s heavily inspired by the original McDonald’s packaging.”

Check out the images above and leave your thoughts on the campaign in the comments.

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