Not long ago fast food giant McDonald's introduces chocolate-covered french fries in Japan. It looks like the Japanese branch continues to drive some interesting innovation for the burger restaurant chain. The latest one is the upgrade of the brand's most iconic burger - the Big Mac. With the new Giga Big Mac, McDonald's Japan introduces a new version of the burger that comes with 2.8 times the amount of meat than the regular Big Mac, resulting in two additional beef patties. Matching the burger, the associated menu will feature double drink sizes and 1.7 times bigger version french fries portions. That is not it though, a Grand Big Mac is also launching, featuring the same amount of layers as the original, but being a bigger burger. Last but not least, the new Big Mac burger menus come with an awesome set from Nanoblocks. Check it all out here above and make sure to give it a try on your next Japan trip.

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