After Burger King got the W over McDonald's at the IT premiere in Germany, the Golden Arches is trying to win back the internet with an outrageous initiative in Hong Kong.

McDonald’s is bringing back the nugget sauce-stealing Jack the Dipper (don't worry, we had to Google him too...) and asking customers to put together a virtual team of bandits, creatively named the ‘Dipper Squad’, to steal 24-karat gold Chicken McNuggets. That's right, actual 24-karat gold Chicken McNuggets.

Customers unlock access to four online games with the purchase of a box of normal McNuggets and have to complete certain missions, virtually collecting four dipping sauces that will ultimately unlock the safe that holds the golden prize.

If you don't manage to get your hands on the ultimate prize, don't worry, as you can win other prizes, including 365 days of free Chicken McNuggets.

Check out the promo video below (with English subtitles) and let us know if you'll be trying to “steal” these golden McNuggets.

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