McDonald's has joined forces with design firm Landini Associates to build the most modern-looking McDonald's that you've ever seen. The contemporary fast food restaurant is being dubbed "McDonald's Next," as the interior boasts a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. This particular location resides in Hong Kong, and it has been stripped of much of the accustomed red and yellow branding, instead showcasing minimal illustrations that pay homage to the chain's early beginnings.

Upon entering the establishment, you can order and customize your desired items at a touchscreen kiosk. You can then pick up your food at the counter when it's ready, or an employee will bring it to your seat. Interested patrons can also watch their food being prepped, as the grill and cooks are on display for everyone to see.

As far as the dining area, it features a look and feel similar to Chipotle, again, portraying a modern vibe.

Earlier this year, McDonald's also opened up a luxury pop-up restaurant in Tokyo for just one night.

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