Electric scooters are now so commonplace that innovation is now what sets brands apart. The ME electric scooter, designed by a group of Italian engineers, is an example of how – in an age where environmental concerns are at an all-time high – aesthetics can also serve function. Constructed out of Sheet Moulding Compound, a sturdy composite material that offers structural support, the ME is a cost-effective alternative to its metal counterparts.

In addition to being more lightweight, the fact that the scooter is bonded together with thermosetting resins means that its parts can be recycled. The ME is outfitted with a lithium ion battery, which is capable of delivering a range of 80 km. An electric motor can take the scooter from zero to 45 km/h in six seconds.

Support the project by visiting the ME electric scooter’s crowdfunding page.

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Staff Writer