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Medicom Toy

A new [email protected] has been revealed and it’s a vibrant tribute to the iconic Jean-Michel Basquiat. This drop is the third installment of Medicom Toy’s ongoing collaborative partnership with the Basquiat estate. The figure is optioned in three sizes: 100%, 400%, and 1000%.

The figurine’s white body offers a blank canvas for bold motifs in Basquiat’s signature style. The scribbled notes and sketches in black are directly sourced from one of the artist’s painting and recall his emblematic style. A matte finish gives the design a refined look.

Have a look at Medicom Toy’s Jean Michel-Basquiat #3 [email protected] above. The figurines are priced at ¥10,800 and ¥48,000 (approximately $110 and $445). You can purchase them here.

Words by Sarah Osei
Staff Writer