Over the last eight years, Los Angeles-based MedMen has become one of the leaders in the cannabis space by implementing a luxurious and educational approach to provide customers with an unparalleled retail experience and redesign the way people see the marijuana industry. While MedMen stores have been at the forefront of dispensaries, the company had never released an in-house line of cannabis products – until now.

Aimed at the modern cannabis consumer, MedMen's [statemade] product line includes tincture drops, vaporizer pens, flower, and pre-rolls for each of your wellness woes. Each product is named after the effect each is designed to create – the max line is for activities, for example, while zzz supports rest. There is also joy, zen, ebb, one, and cbd. The reason for foregoing the typical indica, sativa, hybrid, and strain names is to attract those who are new to the cannabis space and may be intimidated by the more formal terms associated with marijuana.

This philosophy spills over into the product design and campaign as well, which specifically targets the growing segment of women cannabis consumers. At first glance you could easily mistake the packaging and aesthetic for a campaign from a luxury makeup or fragrance brand; it doesn't scream cannabis, and that's the point. Instead of the typical vape design, the [statemade] pens have a more sleek look and are square-shaped to prevent rolling. In terms of design, the vape pens are similar to what you'd expect from a luxury eye-liner or mascara line.

Made at their state-of-the-art cultivation and manufacturing facility near Reno, the product launched exclusively last week at MedMen Paradise in Nevada. The company plans to manufacture and sell [statemade] in all markets where it's licensed to operate including Arizona, California, Florida and New York, as well as other future markets.

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As we enter the age of mainstream marijuana, MedMen is expected to become the country's first $1 billion cannabis company. For more on MedMen, watch our High End documentary on the luxury weed market.

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