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International publication Freunde von Freunden recently had the opportunity to sit down with Menno van Meurs, co-founder of Amsterdam-based denim label Tenue de Nîmes. The self-proclaimed “denim capital of the world,” called such because – by Meurs’ account – residents own “more jeans per person than any other country,” Amsterdam, while known for this distinction, has become a hub for all things creative.

Meurs shows his support of emerging artistic talents by incorporating any and all facets of contemporary culture into his designs, making Tenue de Nîmes so much more than just a purist denim label. His home and workshop, both decorated with artifacts that serve his personal interests, continue to provide him with constant sources of inspiration.

Get to know Meurs better in Freunde von Freunden‘s one-on-one, which can be viewed online.

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