Our Affordable Alternatives series aims to bring our readers reasonably-priced versions of typically high-priced fashion items, saving you money in your ongoing pursuit of style. As the fashion world rediscovers the humble sandal, we've seen tons of minimalist, all-black reinterpretations of the summer staple from luxury fashion houses and avant-garde designers alike, and while we're certainly fans of well designed practical footwear in hot weather, the idea of spending a month's rent on sandals seems excessive to say the least.

With that in mind, we've trawled the depths of e-commerce to find a selection of sleek, murdered-out sandals all on the right side of $80. Check out the pieces above and head over to our Affordable Alternatives series for more reasonably-priced high fashion pieces – including spring sneakersraincoats under $100bomber jacketselongated tees and duffel bags, amongst others.

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