Last night was the Met Gala 2018, a surreal crossover of celebrities, art, and fashion that celebrates the opening of the Met Costume Institute's annual fashion exhibition. This year's theme "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination", was left up to the interpretation of the attendees with various results.

Without a doubt, the winner of this year's Met Gala was Rihanna. The OG badgal subverted the entire history of Catholicism by turning up as the female pope, courtesy of a heavily embellished dress and papal-inspired headgear from Maison Margiela.

As with most events that intersect famous people, the public eye and camera phones, the memes have been rolling in all night. We've compiled some of the freshest takes from the savvy users of Twitter and Instagram below.

We are now Rih-ligious

The real meme is you, the people at home

Kendall Jenner is about to ask if you need more time to look at the menu

Conspicuous by her absence, Beyoncé is killing it here

Good enough to drink?

Kris Jenner updating a meme of herself. Met Gala = Meta Gala

What kind of alternative reality is this?

Latte B

Retweet if this is you RN

"Heavenly Bodies ? Sure I can come as that"


*Knock knock*

This looked better when I was online shopping at 3am

Tag yourself, I'm the person crouching by the bush

Winning combo!

Gucci Jesus

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