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A few months ago, we introduced the world to Michael Casper. The alt-R&B artist writes songs that dig deep into the psyche for solutions regarding some of life’s most pressing dilemmas. In the end, all he seems to want is peace of mind though. This time around, Casper begs the question “What do you do when the person of your dreams turns out to be real?” Today, we’re premiering his new single “black lipstick.” In an email to Highsnobiety, Casper further elaborated on the meaning behind the lovesick song.

“‘black lipstick’ is a story of meeting someone for the first time and instantly knowing that they’re the one,” he said. “After this brief introduction you’re convinced that there’s no one else for you. You’ve felt this way before, but you try telling yourself it’s different this time. You’re left with a feeling of dissatisfaction from not knowing what this will become. You’ll do anything to be with them.”

Try not to get too attached to the ghosts from your romantic past and stream the song in full below.

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Words by Sydney Gore
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