For the latest episode of Hot Ones, Sean Evans welcomes 30-year-old actor Michael Cera to the table. While taking on the spicy wings challenge, Cera dishes on everything from child acting, to Jonah Hill Day, Superbad, and beyond.

The Arrested Development star begins by detailing the early days of his career, specifically pertaining to childhood commercial auditions. From there, he dives into his pal Jonah Hill and the recent Jonah Hill Day, then shedding light on his Superbad cast mates and lure surrounding the iconic comedy.

Cera also tells the story of the one and only time he was stalked, and speaks on hip-hop's affinity for the aforementioned Superbad.

To hear all of Michael Cera's captivating tales, as well as to see if he makes it through the Hot Ones challenge, press play above.

Next up, watch Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in the new trailer for Netflix's forthcoming original series, 'Maniac.'

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