The turning of the calendar from 2017 to 2018 was particularly meaningful for residents of Los Angeles interested in marijuana culture after the legal status was changed from usage solely for medical purposes, to a recreational classification.

Industry insider predict that this shift will account for a $7 billion USD annual revenue stream by 2020. Needless to say, there is ample opportunity for those wanting to get in on he burgeoning pot business.

Former heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson is the first big name to emerge in the New Year as it relates to the cannabis business.

The venture, Tyson Ranch, in California City (110 miles Northeast of Los Angeles), is a 40-acre plot of land dedicated to the cultivation of marijuana, a resource for those interested in getting firsthand experience with how the grow process works, and also a holistic place for men and women who have suffered from psychological ailments during military service.

Additionally, Tyson hopes to build luxury cabins for those who just want a secluded getaway outside of major cities like LA and San Francisco.

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