It's too easy to describe someone's voice as 'like no other,' but in the case of artists like MIKEY., there's simply no other description that comes close. The Berlin-based musician, multidisciplinary artist, and nightlife icon who can count Rihanna and Depeche Mode among their collaborators delivers techno influenced power-pop with powerhouse vocals that seem to transcend time and space itself.

Fitting then that their latest project is an EP titled Tranceformer. Additionally, MIKEY. has unveiled a visual for the track "Invincible," offering a glimpse into their mystical and striking aesthetic. Take a look below.

Speaking on the EP, MIKEY. says that it concerns "some lessons that I've learned about changing things that seemed impossible. I ran up against a wall in terms of how much I could do with just swapping the way I look and the words I use to differentiate myself. So I looked back at everything I'd written in the past, and I rekindled a couple of songs from almost 10 years ago, 'Hell and Back' and 'Invincible,' which were moments when I had a full awareness of myself, but didn't know what to do about it."

Listen to MIKEY.'s 'Tranceformer' EP here.

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