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If you’ve wondered what dancehall from a post-human, cybernetic world would sound like, look no further than Miss Red’s “War.” The rising artist’s new single, taken from her upcoming full-length K.O., features production from The Bug and is every bit the thrill-ride a futurist-reggaeton promises. Take a listen below.

Speaking on her impending album, Miss Red says that “I had no interest in making a record that sounds like everybody else, those types of record disappoint me every time, I wanted to make something totally fresh on my terms. What attracted me to old school reggae was the sound of newness, of the future, and then to follow that genre and check its development, and then to find myself in 2018 wanting to evolve a new voice for a new style. For me reggae is the foundation of this record, but the album’s movement is freer. It mirrors my need to move and keep challenging myself.”

Pre-order Miss Red’s K.O. here, and head here to find out where you can catch her live.

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