Hasbro, the people behind Monopoly, have finally given in to the truth — a lot of people cheat at the board game. Knowing this, the brand has released a special edition of the game that actually encourages players to cheat, according to Business Insider.

Called "Monopoly: Cheaters Edition," the updated game features 15 "cheat cards" that ask players to fulfill certain tasks, like stealing from the bank, not paying rent, or moving someone else's game piece — all without getting caught. If other players figure it out, the cheater has to pay fines or spend some time in jail, but if no one notices, the cheater is rewarded with property or cash.

This isn't the first time Hasbro has released alternative versions of the classic game. There's official Adventure Time, Rick and Morty and Dragon Ball Z Monopoly, while a fan made an extremely unofficial "Flexopoly" game.

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