After mashing up Kendrick Lamar‘s vocals over classic Dr. Dre beats in The Damn. Chronic mixtape, DJ Critical Hype is back with another remixed masterpiece with More 9th.

This time featuring Drake‘s vocals over beats by producer 9th Wonder, DJ Critical Hype’s rendition of classic Drake tracks over the instrumentals was actually fueled by 9th Wonder expressing his admiration for Drake, and future collaborative projects that were suppose to transpire but never did. Drake and 9th Wonder initially worked together on the track “Think Good Thoughts” from Drake’s 2007 Comeback Season mixtape.

Critical Hype tells Pigeon & Planes, “9th Wonder has a lot of soulful beats and Drake sounds amazing on them.” He then explains why some of Drake’s biggest songs didn’t make it to the final cut, saying, “The thing is, most 9th production is 90 bpms and up so I wasn’t able to mix a lot of the slow Drake verses I wanted (‘Versace,’ ‘Worst Behavior,’ ‘God’s Plan,’ etc). So I used a lot of mid-tempo and up-tempo Drake songs on this project.”

Have a full listen to the solid mixtape below, and for the full story, head on over to Pigeons & Planes.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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