At this year’s Collectible design fair in Brussels, Dutch-German design duo Schimmel & Schweikle unveiled a remarkable series of morphing chairs. The objects are part of the “CrossFit” series, created by digitally translating modernist designs and then morphing organic shapes into them.

The result is an unmistakably modernist furniture series that manages to integrate a seemingly incompatible design language. 3D modeling software allowed the designers to ignore some of the restraints of modernist design and, as they explain, “shove different elements into each other.” The effect is not unification, but a flow of principles.

The bodies of the CrossFit couch and CrossFit chair are coated with shiny car paint, “reflecting the perfectness of the digital world where things are often presented as spotless and shiny.” Schimmel & Schweikle have then contrasted this aesthetic hardness by using fake fur to upholster the pillows.

Interestingly, the fake fur allows conceals the connection points between the hard and soft, reproducing the “flow on” effect achieved in 3D modeling software.

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