Going out for Korean barbecue is generally a culinary experience like no other. But as with everything else in life, some establishments of course stand above the rest.

Eater editor and host Matthew Kang recently made his way to New York's Kristalbelli, a high-end Korean barbecue establishment known for its unique grilling setup, to try out some of the country's most luxurious — and most expensive — Korean barbecue.

At Kristalbelli, the setup is just as luxe as the final food product, as each table is equipped with a clear, crystal grill top, custom made for the restaurant and shipped from Korea. Said grill allows patrons to achieve an incredibly high temperature and ensures an even sear, while also allowing the griller to slice meat directly on its surface without fear of scratches.

In addition to the crystal grill top, the restaurant also offers dry-aged and Wagyu beef, further elevating the quality of the cuisine.

To get a look at New York's Kristalbelli, press play above.

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