We shine a light on some of the lesser-known figures in the Highsnobiety universe, with a breakdown of some of the personalities behind 10 of the best publications and magazines in our world.

Social media may have turned the fashion industry on its head, giving anyone and everyone a voice when it comes to stylish matters, but that doesn’t mean magazines are any less influential in this day and age. Whether they’re providing cutting-edge insights or simply showing readers fantastic new products, magazines, blogs and publications play an invaluable role in the industry no matter how you look at it.

With that in mind, we’re shining a light on some of the unsung heroes in the business – the people that work tirelessly to create eclectic, discerning and compelling content for their readers, pushing their respective publications to become tastemakers in the truest sense of the word.

Meet the editors, directors and founders behind 10 of the best publications in the Highsnobiety universe (besides Highsnobiety, of course).

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Tim Blanks
Who: Editor-at-Large, Business of Fashion
Follow: @timblanks
Why: A veteran of the industry, Tim Blanks made a name for himself hosting Canadian TV show Fashion File, before writing for Style.com full time, alongside the likes of GQ, Vogue, The Financial Times, Interview and Fantastic Man. The New Zealander’s position as one of the fashion world’s foremost critics was cemented when he won the 2013 CFDA Media Award. While Style.com is sadly no more, fashion aficionados will no doubt follow the Editor-at-Large over to his new gig at Business of Fashion, where he’s heading up the publication’s show coverage with his eloquent, evocative writing style.

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Tim Noakes
Who: Editorial Director, Dazed
Follow: @timnoakes
Why: Established in London by budding editor Jefferson Hack and fashion photographer Rankin, Dazed (formerly Dazed and Confused) has championed youth culture and challenging creatives since its first black-and-white photocopy issue in 1991. Tim Noakes initially started off as the magazine’s intern, working his way up to Editor-in-Chief over the course of 10 years; under his guidance Dazed’s digital arm has evolved into one of the most eclectic and compelling online destinations for all things counter cultural.

Whether they’re pondering gentrification in London or shining the spotlight on new and upcoming artists, Dazed‘s eclectic edit makes for one of the most interesting and thought-provoking online publications out there today. “It’s all about championing new talent in original ways and engaging with the 18-25 audience in a tone and inspirational style that they can engage and empathise with,” Noakes told It’s Nice That.

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Lawrence Schlossman
Who: Editor-in-Chief, Four Pins
Follow: @sartoriallyinc
Why: Four Pins’ Editor-in-Chief has seen the New York publication’s focus evolve from well-heeled menswear into contemporary fashion and streetwear – covering anything from heritage workwear to limited edition sneakers in their trademark playful, tongue-in-cheek manner. The blog’s playful approach to fashion coverage – not to mention bizarre post titles – has attracted a growing audience of style-conscious men, and the ever-witty Schlossman has also co-hosted Complex‘s Fashion Bros show and co-authored his very own fashion bible Fuck Yeah Menswear. “Fan-boying out mixed with a healthy distrust” is how he described Four Pins’ satirical approach to fashion coverage in an interview with Cool Hunting. 

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Takahiro Kinoshita
Who: Editor-in-Chief, Popeye
Follow: @popeye_magazine
Why: Popeye is a Japanese icon; the magazine has been influencing the nation’s stylish youths for nearly 40 years, while attracting curiosity from the West thanks to its coverage of Tokyo’s fascinating fashion scene. The magazine’s relevance floundered for a while, before it was overhauled in 2012 by Takahiro Kinoshita, who re-established Popeye as one of Japan’s foremost fashion publications – and one of the only places you’ll see Supreme editorials. A longtime Popeye reader himself, Kinoshita told Inventory  “I cannot express how much of an impact [Popeye] had on me. I am now working hard to repay that influence and bring back the best in magazines.” The dapper, silver-haired gent is a street style regular, appearing at fashion weeks in quintessentially American and English casualwear.

Image from the-talks.com

Imran Amed
Who: Founder, Business of Fashion
Follow: @imranamed
Why: In the space of a short few years, Imran Amed’s personal blog has transformed into an essential resource for hard facts and sharp insight on the fashion industry. Whether it’s reports on the Chinese luxury market or intimate profiles on upcoming designers and brands, Business of Fashion provides data-driven observations and personal commentary on affairs away from the glitz and glamor of the runways and fashion weeks.

We may be more concerned with the aesthetics, trends and movements that make fashion such an exciting place, but Amed’s Business of Fashion offers invaluable insight on an often-overlooked side of the industry. “Fashion is a business that requires discipline and attention to detail and very organized systems of logistics and operations and processes,” Amed told The Talks. “It’s the creativity that lubricates and fuels the industry. But it’s the business side that keeps it working.” The former business consultant has come a long way, indeed – he was named one of the 100 most influential men in Britain by GQ in 2011.

Image from freundevonfreunden.com

Ryan Willms
Who: Founder, Inventory
Follow: @r_willms
Why: Inventory, Ryan Willms’ impeccably-edited menswear and lifestyle publication, has established itself as one of the menswear world’s most authoritative voices, examining everything from niche high fashion to obscure Japanese oddities. The publication now boasts an online store – carrying the same gear featured on their pages – alongside a regular print publication. While the mag’s fashion coverage focuses on heritage, craftsmanship and authenticity, Inventory adds their voice to suitably high-brow lifestyle topics, too – clearly Willms is a man of refined taste (just take a tour of his apartment for proof).

Image from jonashalthaus.de

Joerg Koch
Who: Founder, 032c
Follow: @032c
Why: 032c has grown from a DIY fanzine run by founder Joerg (or Jörg, to use the German spelling) Koch into a bi-annual bible for all things high brow – producing exhibitions at their Berlin HQ and Florence’s Pitti Immagine tradeshow in the process. Pairing grandiose features – like their 20 years of Raf Simons retrospective or Rihanna cover shoot – with expertly curated editorials and lifestyle stories, 032c has established itself as one of the world’s leading fashion-forward publications, thanks to their untiring commitment to high quality content and contributors. “Never downgrade” as Koch – who also had a stint heading up the German wing of Interview – told Tissue magazine.

Image from ABHFYA.com

Eduardo Garcia & Adriano Batista
Who: Co-founder and Editor-In-Chief, Fucking Young!
Follow: @fuuuckingyoung
Why: Like many veterans of the mid-2000s blog-wave that birthed Highsnobiety (and many more names), Barcelona-based Eduardo Garcia and Adriano Batista have come a long way since their first forays into WordPress. Their creation, Fucking Young!, is now one of Europe’s foremost online destinations for fashion-forward content – one that’s imbued with a playful sense of sexuality, too. The former bloggers have, like many of their peers, made the brave step of producing their own bonafide print magazine. “The online world is good but it is so ephemeral,” as García puts it. “What you publish today will be forgotten about tomorrow. By publishing in print, you are creating something that is physical and present.”

Image from Harrys

Joe La Puma
Who: Director of Content Strategy, Complex
Follow: @jlp8
To say Complex is big would be an understatement. Sneaker and hip-hop aficionado Joe La Puma oversees and develops the pop culture giant’s vast range of content; and with the magazine churning out anywhere over 200 posts a day, that’s a lot of work. The Long Island native cut his teeth writing for his college newspaper, before freelancing for HYPEBEAST and interning for Complex – working his way up to the magazine’s upper echelons, while handling high-profile cover stories and rubbing shoulders with footwear-obsessed celebrities in his Sneaker Shopping series. 

Image from slamxhype.com

Nic Fensom
Who: Founder, Sneeze
Follow: @sneezemag
Why: Quarterly publication Sneeze is not your ordinary skate mag. The brainchild of photographer Nic Fensom, the magazine is published in both English and Japanese and is produced like an old-school broadsheet, bringing gritty editorials and sexed-up photoshoots to life in a gloriously oversized format. Fensom – clearly not one for playing by the rules – has even distributed his mag through street vending machines in the past, while working on cover stories with the likes of A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator. Given that so many media outlets are proclaiming the death of print, it’s refreshing to see a publication approaching the format with rebelliously joyous enthusiasm.

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Words by Alec Leach
Freelance Writer/Editor/Consultant

Alec Leach grew up in Brighton, England, but now lives in Berlin