The conversation about food and restaurants is always happening on Twitter, and according to social media there are more than 100M tweets a month globally about food. People love to share what they eat, especially the fashion industry. Food is also the eighth most-searched-for topic when new users create Twitter accounts and search for topics to follow (“food”).

With a vast variety of restaurants in New York City popping up monthly, the Big Apple is a mecca for foodies, and one of the best places to stunt on social media while you chow down. To celebrate the food culture in NYC, Twitter has compiled a few lists of interesting dining stats for 2017.

We all know that New Yorkers love their food delivery and coffee just as much as they love dining out, so Twitter shared the trends in the conversation about food delivery and coffee habits in NY:

Most popular time of day for tweets about takeout / delivery / seamless: 8 p.m.

Most popular day of the week for tweets about  takeout / delivery / seamless: Thursday

Most popular time of day for tweets about coffee: 10 a.m.

Most popular day of the week for tweets about coffee: Monday

Since it’s 2017, and emojis have become a second language for most, the social media company compiled a list of the most tweeted-about food emojis. No surprise that pizza takes the top prize, but tacos needs to step it up.

1. pizza slice ?

2. chocolate bar ?

3. cookie ?

4. burger ?

5. vanilla ice cream cone ?

6. donut ?

7. taco ?

8. cheese wedge ?

9. fries ?

10. sushi ?

Hungry yet? Finally, Twitter shares the most tweeted-about NYC restaurants of 2017.

1. Union Square Cafe (@UnionSquareCafe)

2. Black Tap (@blacktapnyc)

3. Russ & Daughters (@LoxPopuli)

4. Peter Luger

5. Le Coucou (@LeCoucou_NYC)

6. Blue Hill (@bluehillfarm)


Krista Schlueter / The New York Times

8. Marta (@martamanhattan)

9. Fuku

10. Momofuku (@momofuku)

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Words by Kyle Hodge
Staff Writer

New York based writer that pops flavor and drips sauce.