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Summer is over! Romantic comedies can go kick rocks! Bring on the monsters, the ghosts, the frights, and the suspense. Following up an impressive 2017 horror show that brought us ITGet Outand It Comes At Night, this year keeps the scares to a spooky high.

Michael Myers returns in the Halloween sequel we’ve deserved since 1978 – sorry Busta Rhymes, Netflix’s new hit The Haunting House of Hill House is being called the scariest TV show of all time, and A Quiet Place was a surprise masterpiece.

With Halloween season in full effect, it’s time to clear out your Netflix queue, curl up in a blanket with your basic pumpkin spice latte, and binge watch the scariest movies and tv shows 2018 has blessed us with. Enjoy!


Michael Myers returns to his true slasher glory in the long-awaited sequel of the original Halloween. Taking place 40 years after the original, the latest installment burns away the many painfully forgettable sequels and brings back the terror and thrill that made Myers one of the best horror villains in Hollywood.

‘Halloween’ is in theaters is now.

The Haunting of Hill House

One of the most interesting and terrifying shows to watch this year is The Haunting of Hill House. If the trailer alone doesn’t scare you, catching all the hidden ghosts scattered throughout each episode starring down your soul in the corner of a scene definitely will.

‘The Haunting of Hill House’ is currently streaming on Netflix.


Shocking, deeply unsettling, sinister, and disturbing are all great words to describe Hereditary. Ari Aster crafted a one-of-a-kind horror film with many goosebump-worthy moments, but it also delivers an engaging story about family drama with strong performances throughout.

‘Hereditary’ is now available on Blu-Ray and select streaming platforms.

Castle Rock

You can’t talk about the horror genre without mentioning the GOAT, Stephen King. He’s created some of the most memorable horror stories to date, and now they’re all entangled into one psychological-horror multiverse, Castle Rock. What more can you ask for?

You can watch season one of Castle Rock over at Hulu.

A Quiet Place

Who knew Jim from the Office would create one of the best movies of 2018? A Quiet Place is a shockingly great film that plays heavily on the element of fear and sound. It’s not only a fresh concept, but a terrifying one. However, the horror element isn’t the only impressive element of the film. The storytelling of a family dealing with loss, forgiveness, and love is like a beautiful lightning bolt striking through the dark and stormy horror flick.

‘A Quiet Place’ is now available on Blu-Ray and select streaming platforms.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

If you’ve stuck it through the first seven season of AHS, than Apocalypse is a sure go-to binge this holiday. It has been described as a crossover between the first season (Murder House) and the third (Coven), bringing back popular characters from both seasons. Apocalypse brings more dark and twisted horror we’ve been accustomed to with the series, and even more mystery as seasons start to collide.

You can catch up on American Horror Story: Apocalypse on FX.


Suspiria is definitely not for everyone. This sinister film is a down-and-dirty horror art piece with striking imagery and solid performances throughout. It’s no Black Swan, but it will definitely feed the itch.

Suspiria is currently playing in select theaters.


If you’re able to sit through the graphic Raid: Redemption film, than Apostle is right up your alley. Created by the same director, Gareth Evans, Apostle resists easy jump scares in favor of a slow disturbing decent into chaos and dread. An easy inclusion on your Halloween watch list.

Apostle is available for streaming over on Netflix.

The Nun

The Conjuring franchise has low-key made an Avengers-style cinematic universe for the ghost genre. The storytelling isn’t as strong throughout the movie lineup, but the terrifying jump scares stay consistent. The Nun is no different. One of the main trailers was so scary, that it was actually taken down from YouTube. Let that sink in.

‘The Nun’ is currently playing in select theaters.

The Little Stranger

The Little Stranger is a slow burn, but it never bores. It’s a great blend of drama and gothic horror and – if you’re patient – will deliver the ghostly chills you’ve been wanting.

‘The Little Stranger’ is currently playing in select theaters.

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