moving quadrant house sun kwk promes

Polish architecture firm KWK Promes has created Quadrant House, a countryside residence with a wing that moves in relation to the sun throughout the day.

A quadrant is an old navigational tool that worked by measuring the angles between stars. The moving wing of Quadrant House follows a curved track spanning 90 degrees, with movement automated to shift the wing throughout the day, exposing the grass to sunlight. The movement can be controlled manually, too.

The “indoor terrace” wing is equipped with blinds to shield inhabitants from the sun when it’s low on the horizon and from the wind. Depending on the time of day and year, it either lets sunlight in or provides shade for the areas of the house where it’s attached, either the living room or gym. Watch the video above to get the complete picture.

As for the rest of this sleek white structure, it features two perpendicular arms. The main amenities are located mostly on the top story, whereas the ground level contains a large open-plan living room and gym.

The facade facing the road has no windows and features a gabled roof to adhere to local building regulations. However, when viewed from the garden at the opposite end, the roof looks flat, which was the owner’s preferred look. This side is also much more open, with plenty of windows looking out over the yard.

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