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The MTV Video Music Awards 2019 took place in New Jersey last night and, as usual, it was a cacophony of music, teens, screams, and fashion. This 35-year-old pop-culture institution is a quintessential celebration of the industry and sits somewhere between guilty pleasure and annual highlight.

But most importantly, the VMAs are a chance to check in on how celebrities and their stylists are adapting to current trends or leading the fashion pack, with everyone striving to nail their iconic red carpet moment. There’s good, there’s bad, and then there’s Diplo.

Read on for the best, worst, and most WTF celebrity style moments from this year’s MTV VMAs.


FKA twigs

fka twigs vma 2019 Gigi Hadid H.E.R J Balvin

FKA twigs, as usual, looks like a fairy from another dimension, but this time there’s a bit of glamor involved, too. The artist nailed maximalism with a custom Ed Marler chainmail dress, shoes by Sophia Webster, and a coppery hair and makeup. Credit to stylist Matthew Josephs for this look.

J Balvin

j balvin Photo by Aaron J. Thornton Getty Images FKA twigs Gigi Hadid H.E.R
Getty Images / Aaron J Thornton

J Balvin looked sharp as hell in a custom Off-White™ suit, neon green leopard-print hair, and an extreme take on the micro-sunglasses trend. The glitchy sweater underneath works, too.

Lenny Kravitz

lenny kravitz vmas 2019 FKA twigs Gigi Hadid H.E.R

Welcome to the Lennaissance. Lenny Kravitz brought his immutable rock and roll style to the red carpet and, at 55 years old, looks better than most people half his age. In most cases, bootleg jeans > skinny jeans.

Bella and Gigi Hadid

bella gigi hadid vmas 2019 MediaPunch bACKGRID FKA twigs H.E.R J Balvin
MediaPunch / BACKGRID

Bella and Gigi Hadid rocked up in coordinated neutral outfits, cementing their position as the reigning queens of sororal celebrity style. Bella went for a top and dress from Charlotte Knowles, while Gigi wore silk Tom Ford trousers.


h.e.r. vmas 2019 FKA twigs Gigi Hadid J Balvin

Grammy-winning artist H.E.R. bought the H.E.A.T. with this green floral jumpsuit and her pet snake Noodle as a plus-one. This outfit works on many levels — clock the silver platforms — and doubles as an inter-generational homage to Britney Spears, who performed at the VMAs with a snake in 2001.

Lil Nas X

lil nas x Photo by Axelle Bauer Griffin WireImage FKA twigs Gigi Hadid H.E.R
Getty Images / Axelle Bauer Griffin / WireImage

The “Old Town Road” star served a glamorous metallic cowboy look complemented by silver heeled boots as he took home Song of the Year. This fit is halfway between Prince and Elton John and reminds us of Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s SS20 collection.


Rick Ross

RIck ross vmas Photo by Bryan Bedder WireImage FKA twigs Gigi Hadid H.E.R
Getty Images / Bryan Bedder/WireImage

We can all agree that an overly Gucci-fied outfit is beyond washed at this point. This kind of excessive branding is something we commented on this week, and while we can applaud the terracotta color scheme, this overreliance on big logos gives the impression that Rick Ross lacks confidence in his personal style.


conceited vmas 2019 Photo by Bryan Bedder WireImage FKA twigs Gigi Hadid H.E.R
Getty Images / Bryan Bedder/WireImage

This outfit, which pulls a sweater from the worst of Dior’s SS19 collection, isn’t doing much for Conceited here. The fit is mostly unappealing because it’s a little too tight, styled with ripped black skinny jeans that evoke the worst of Jared Leto circa 2010. We’ll let slide the Dior B22 sneakers — at least they match the pink up top.



diplo vmas 2019 FKA twigs Gigi Hadid H.E.R
Getty Images / Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImag

We believe the mental gymnastics behind Diplo’s VMAs outfit went a little something like this:

1) Scour fashion blogs for the latest viral trend;

2) Skim think-pieces about cowboys, Western styles, and the “yee-haw agenda”;

3) Fuck it up completely.

At least the cowboy hat doesn’t say “DIPLO” in huge letters under the brim… Oh, wait. Well, thankfully the white cowboy boots are clean… Ah. It could be worse: there could be deranged frogs stitched into the pants…oh.

Words by Max Grobe
Associate Fashion Editor