MUJI's minimalist mission continues as the Japanese retailer introduces some of its top-selling appliances to the American market. With over 400 stores on home turf and 250 globally, its "No Brand, Quality Goods" have proved to be a worldwide hit. As any visitor to MUJI Japan knows, the company leave no aspect of daily life uncovered, offering a mammoth range of diverse goods from bikes to ready meals, interior design consultation to cafes and restaurants.

Slowly but surely the more obscure MUJI services and products are making their way to overseas locations. Launching next month, a small selection of kitchen goods will land on US shelves. A clever and compact energy-efficient electric kettle boils in just 80 seconds, a rice cooker prepares the perfect grain every time, while a two slot toaster finishes the set. A matching collection, each clean, white piece operates with all the basic and necessary functions, no flashy extras needed. Head to the MUJI website to pre-order available goods.

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