Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the most important day in the pilgrim calendar. Naturally, the only way to give thanks to the blessings of a good harvest is by cooking up a massive feast for all the extended family that you normally avoid every other Thursday in the year.

But if you’ve never prepared a Thanksgiving feast before and feel utterly stranded in the kitchen, Matty Matheson – star of VICE’s food channel, MUNCHIES – has you covered.

In the latest installment of the Canadian chef’s How-To series, we’re taught how to prepare and roast a turkey alongside every fixin’ you could possibly imagine: casserole stuffing, cream-cheese mashed potatoes, maple syrup roasted carrots with pistachios, roasted Brussel sprouts with bacon, sweet potato and butternut squash mash, creamed corn, gravy, and cranberry sauce.

Want to add DIY sriracha hot sauce to that? That’s another thing that MUNCHIES can teach you how to do.

Words by Aleks Eror