If you happen to be a fan of the Gone in 60 Seconds remake, starring none other than Nicolas Cage, you will be delighted to note that the film's infamous Ford "Eleanor" is due to make a special return. In partnership with the film's co-producer, Denice Halicki, the Californian-based Fusion Motor Company has been granted a license to reproduce the classic Ford Shelby GT500 whip.

For the project, 1960s Mustang Fastbacks will be stripped of their original bodywork and replaced with an Aluma Frame front IFS Kit. Further upgrades include carbon fiber spoilers and hoods, a V8 engine, multi-link suspension, and LED lights. Modern perks such as air conditioning and power locks will also be incorporated.

Not neglecting any of the finer details, the new "Eleanor" also includes a Bluetooth-equipped audio system. The name "Eleanor" is inscribed in the wheel wells and the words "GO-BABY-GO" imprinted on the gear shift.

As each "Eleanor" is custom made, reproduction will cost $189,000. Considering the process in total can take up to six months to complete, those looking to get their hands on one ought to put in their order now at Fusion Motor Company's website.

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