Premier Tokyo-based accessory specialist nana-nana has teamed up with Akira and artist, Kosuke Kawamura for the “AKIRA ART WALL PROJECT” which opened yesterday in Los Angeles.

The collaborative exhibition showcases intricate murals that anime fans will recognize from the 1988 film. It's impeccable timing for the collaborative space as Akira is about to get both a live-action adaptation with creator Katsuhiro Otomo as well as its own anime series.

Earlier this week, the Japanese bag-masters unveiled Kawamura's artistic reworks of its sought-after line of PVC accessories. Now, nana-nana and the artist open their doors to an anime-heavy Akira-focused space.

The exhibition features iconic imagery from Akira as well as a number of works designed by Kawamura. It also displays many of the limited edition accessories which as available to purchase during the exhibition's run from now until July 15.

We went to see the space ahead of the opening. Take a look through the images above.


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