nasa blanket burning man
Alex Shtanuk

Russian artist Alex Shtanuk has a started an Indigogo fundraiser with the hope of installing an outlandish solution to Burning Man’s scorching temperatures — covering the festival in a giant, silver, NASA-engineered blanket.

The blanket is crafted from 3,350 NASA space blankets held together with 40km of reinforced tape. It measures 100 square meters, and apparently reflects 97 percent of radiated heat. Shtanuk suggests that the area will be used as a chill-out space during the day, and an area for people in el-wire suits to act like an ocean of "bioluminescent plankton" at night.

Here's a look at the test model in action.

For more information head over to Shtanuk's Indigogo page, where he hopes to raise around $17,500 over the coming week.

Do you think the blanket is a cool idea? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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