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NASA has this week unleashed a new selection of photographs taken from its $1 billion USD Jupiter probe, Juno. The images were captured on October 24 — while traveling above Jupiter at more than 130,000 miles per hour — while the blocking of the sun delayed the transfer of the images until just recently.

The stunning photos arrive from Juno’s ninth perijove, which references the spacecraft’s high-speed flybys, ultimately showcasing the breathtaking planet in all of its glory. We get to see extreme closeups of Jupiter, in addition to other unmatched views courtesy of NASA.

Scan through the gallery above to soak in these incredible photographs, then be sure to take a look at NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover concept, which looks like it was built for Batman.

For more photography, here are 15 previously unpublished Ryan McGinley images that recently made their digital debut.

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