Spasm, an up-and-coming design firm based in Mumbai, received an assignment to tear down a remote structure in the jungles outside the city, one deemed structurally unfit for occupation. Not ones to think inside the box, the firm instead decided to build into, onto and around it. The result is a bungalow of epic proportions, one that seamlessly blends into the surrounding mounds of fertile jungle.

Located about 35 miles outside Mumbai in the town of Malavli, the jungle villa has been named “Gomati.” It is built around a central mound of earth which was created from the debris of the building Spasm demolished. All of the house’s bedrooms open onto this all-natural courtyard, providing a literal bed of jungle soil that lies mere steps away from the beds of pillows and blankets. The upper floor is a pavilion that is level with the ground above, one that also houses a deck and pool area built from the Indian blue gray kotah stone, and surrounded by a garden as dense as the jungle outside.

Visit Spasm’s website to see more of their completed and ongoing architectural projects.

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