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There’s something irresistible about Scandinavian culture as it pertains to the arts. Perhaps it’s the subtle and minimal aesthetic of it all that makes the music so tantalizing, with clean beats, alluring melodies, genuine lyrics, and an attention to detail that is often overlooked in a landscape that gets too caught up with meaningless tactics. There’s a special feeling that comes from discovering new music from this pocket of the universe that doesn’t quite compare to anything else.

Since 2017, Danish artist Niklas Grool has been penetrating the pop bubble with radiant sorrow as Necklace. After seizing interest with his earliest songs “Try This” and “Between (Me & You),” the singer-songwriter and producer followed up with the heartwarming track “Easy.” Now, he’s returned with another delicate tune called “Woody & Stacy” that sounds even prettier than its predecessors and we’re premiering it right here.

Necklace provided the following explanation for the concept behind his latest single in an email to Highsnobiety and it’s poetic in a cryptic way: “The world is full of Woody’s but not enough Stacy’s. It’s universal. When you hide things too well, you might lose them.”

Try not to get too deep in your feelings while you let all of that sink in, or do because it’s totally healthy to be in touch with your emotions. Necklace is currently working on his debut full-length album which is expected to drop this fall. Until then, scroll down to stream the full track.

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Words by Sydney Gore
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