NEMEN's rollout of its new Fall/Winter 2021 collection has begun, and suddenly, we're not so sad that summer is coming to a close. 

When it comes to technical sportswear, daring fabric and dye experimentation, and generally apocalypse-ready outerwear, the likes of Stone Island and C.P. Company likely come to mind. Given both brand's extensive history, that comes as no surprise, but a relatively new (if we can call nine years in the industry "new") name that should be at the front of your minds, is NEMEN. 

Given the differing length of their timelines, it may seem strange to see NEMEN mentioned alongside C.P. and Stone Island. As you dive into NEMEN, specifically founder and CEO Leonardo Fasolo's history, however, it becomes clear why the three are often leveled against one another. 

After working for Stone Island for four years and C.P. and the Massimo Osti archive until 2012, Leonardo birthed a lab of daring experimentation of his own. Since then, the brand has built an impressive garment archive of its own. Over the last nine years, Leonardo and his team have continually demonstrated how far the boundaries of sportswear – specifically outerwear –can be contorted and stretched. 

With Fall/Winter 2021, NEMEN pushes garment dyeing to its limits. The technique central to the collection is called discharged-dyeing, which extracts color post-dye instead of adding it to create striking finishes that appear weathered and worn. Further to the bold color treatments, the collection utilizes all leftover fabrics to create additional details, achieving 'zero waste' through thoughtful design. 

You can shop the first drop of NEMEN Fall/Winter 2021 online now. 

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