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NEPENTHES’ imprint “REBUILD by NEEDLES” capsules have given the brand enjoyable success, and soon, two of their flagship pieces will be returning for their Fall 2016 collection.

Based literally on the concept of rebuilding, the Ribbon Flannel Shirt and 7 Cuts Flannel Shirt offerings are completely unique pieces constructed from recycled vintage items. Sections are cut and sewn from multiple flannel shirts, giving each shirt a look varying in length. As the name suggests, each shirt draws material from seven different flannel shirts and are created each individually, meaning each shirt will have a truly one-of-a-kind feel to its design.

Through the transfusion of cohesive raw materials, REBUILD draws upon otherwise messy divided components, and ultimately pieces together a strongly pleasing aesthetic of vibrant colors and genius colorblocking.

The Ribbon Flannel Shirt and 7 Cuts Flannel Shirt will both retail for approximately $169.99 USD.

Words by Marcus Cho