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Season: Winter 2017

Key Pieces: The white and gold incense chambers are both shaped like the brain light bulb from N.E.R.D’s 2001 release “Brain” and make the perfect addition to any fan’s coffee table.

Both caps are minimalist enough to go with any fit, while still letting people know you’re down with Pharrell and co.’s music.

Editor’s Notes: Previously only available at ComplexCon, the exclusive and highly sought-after collaborative collection between N.E.R.D and Japanese label NEIGHBORHOOD is set to see a wider release on January 2. The collection is made up of incense chambers, T-shirts, and caps, and features co-branding throughout.

Although it is set for a wider release, the collection is still limited and can only be bought through NEIGHBORHOOD’s official web store via the link below.

In other news, check out Pharrell killing it in a Brendon Babenzien-designed Bee Line flight suit.

  • Main & Featured Images: NEIGHBORHOOD
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