[UPDATE: December 29, 2017 9:00 a.m. ET] Black Mirror season 4 has officially arrived on Netflix. To celebrate, the show posted an ominous 'Happy New Year' message on Twitter, drawing comparisons between real-life Black Mirror-esque moments that happened this year and the last season of the show. Watch it below, then scroll down to see all the trailers for season 4.

After Netflix teased viewers with a Star Trek-inspired Black Mirror clip, fans of the show finally have word on a release date for season 4, along with an official trailer.

The new season, primarily written by Charlie Brooker, will arrive on December 29. It will comprise six episodes with leading names such as Jesse Plemons, Rosemarie Dewitt, and a directorial appearance from Jodie Foster.

Earlier in the year, creators Brooker and Annabel Jones told Variety that the fourth season would embrace a spectrum of genres, closely zeroing in on how changing technology influences and affects human behavior.

“[The audience] look at it and think, ‘I could see myself using that technology, I could see myself embracing that,’ and then getting hooked in as we all do, to the sexiness of technology and the ease,” said Jones.

All episodes in the upcoming season have been teased, along with titles, characters, actors, and credits. Check out the full trailer above and, in case you missed it, watch the trailers for each episode below and let us know which one you're most excited for.



Hang the DJ

USS Callister

Metal Head

Black Museum

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