In an effort to expand their ever-growing repertoire of original films, streaming giant Netflix has added a new title slated for a 2017 premiere.

BLAME! is an anime adaptation of the 1998 10-volume cyberpunk manga originally created by manga artist Tsutomu Nihei. Set in a dystopian future, the story revolves around a quiet man named Killy wandering in search of something called Net Terminal Genes. Armed with a powerful gun known as the Gravitational Beam Emitter, he cuts down any foes standing in his path, from cyborgs to run-of-the-mill baddies.

While the Netflix adaptation is drawn in typical anime style, the art is anything but typical - as presented in the trailer, the film will have scenes produced in immense detail and extremely intelligent color direction. Shadows and lighting are intensely realistic, and even the smallest details like sparks are beautifully animated.

While the film's release is still some time away, you can preview the trailer now for a closer look at the film. Look for more updates as early 2017 approaches.

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