Everyone (surely) knew it was coming, and now Netflix has shared a behind-the-scenes look at Narcos protagonist Pablo Escobar's grizzly end scene.

Filming took place on the same rooftop where the real Pablo was caught by DEA agents back in 1993, with director Andres Baiz keen to make the big season two denouement as realistic as possible. “Wagner [who plays Escobar] did his own stunts," said Baiz. "We wanted to be very energetic, to have a gritty realism, and we wanted just to create a sense of urgency. We didn’t want to make a big Hollywood action sequence, we wanted to make it intense and disturbing.”

While it might be the end of Pablo, fans worried about Narcos' future need not worry as the show has already been confirmed to return for at least two more seasons.

Here's everything else that'll be coming to and leaving the streaming platform in November.

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