Netflix shares the trailer for its upcoming horror flick, The Ritual, a feature film adaptation of Adam Nevill's novel of the same name. Directed by David Bruckner (The Signal), the film sees four friends from college reunite to mourn the loss of a friend by taking a hiking trip through the Swedish countryside. Things go south when one of the hikers injures his ankle and the four are forced to take a shortcut through the forest.

The Ritual stars Prometheus’ Rafe Spall and Downton Abbey’s Robert James-Collier, as Luke and Hutch, respectively. The film looks to be more along the lines of supernatural thriller a la The Blair Witch Project, although the trailer hints at bits of gore as well. As the story takes place in Sweden, elements of Norse mythology are expected to play a central role in the unfolding of the story.

Enjoy the trailer above and look for The Ritual to hit Netflix on February 9.

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