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Verena Schepperheyn

From: Berlin, Germany

In a Nutshell: Bauhaus-inspired prints and artsy embroidery meet an off-kilter approach to tailoring, with a particular focus on unfussy silhouettes, all rendered in a neutral palette.

Key Pieces: That cropped chore jacket in a superbly boxy fit, adorned with some subtle graphic treatment is lust-worthy to say the least.


From: Milan, Italy

In a Nutshell: Another collection aestheticizing the world’s apocalyptic political climate. GUNTAS tackles identity and freedom in Turkey through bright oranges and lashings of leather. It strikes a balance of ’70s idealism and today’s cynicism.

Key Pieces: The orange leather biker with laced-sleeves and anything with a strong slogan.


From: Phoenix, AZ

In a Nutshell: Classic streetwear staples like simple T-shirts, hoodies and knitted beanies get political.

Key Pieces: The white T-shirt with the poignant "No Peace Without Justice" slogan. A simple message that holds a mirror up to our generation’s fight for inclusivity in the face of oppression. Viva La Revolution.


From: France

In a Nutshell: Basically, it’s the dream city uniform. The French brand's latest offering is a mishmash of activewear, streetwear, and classic American staples. Bomber jackets in plush pink, mock-neck tees in low-key colors and oversized graphic hoodies are all easy winners.

Key Pieces: The powder-pink jacket paired with blue denim is delicious.

Benibla Indpt Club

From: Paris, France

In a Nutshell: The Parisian-based label offers an impressive remix of the yesteryear sportswear aesthetic. With forward-thinking visuals, a strong DIY sensibility and a selection of easy-to-wear pieces, it’s an energetic update to streetwear’s newfound penchant for all things kitsch.

Key Pieces: The velvet hoodie in a peachy pink hue, quietly stamped with the brand’s logo.


From: Copenhagen, Denmark

In a Nutshell: ASVARISCHTSCH rehashes the codes of traditional menswear with some experimental flair. The collection is basically a love song dedicated to the beauty of garment construction, and the visuals are super slick too.

Key Pieces: Any one of those impeccably constructed suits. They’re made from fine English fabrics and produced by hand in Copenhagen. Also, the horn-rimmed sunglasses with mirrored lenses are ridiculously good.


From: Paris, France

In a Nutshell: Architectural garments that teeter the aesthetic line of what’s considered avant-garde and what’s just unwearable (in the best possible way).

Key Pieces: The bleu de travail worker’s jacket with totally overblown sleeves makes quite the sartorial statement.


From: Hong Kong

In a Nutshell: 1800-Paradise wants to take streetwear back to the day where hype didn’t determine the success of a brand, but when a product’s message was focused enough to stand up on its own. Though it’s evolved into a multi-brand online platform for contemporary streetwear, its namesake line of product remains true to its mission. Classic, streetwear staples with something to say.

Key Pieces: The long-sleeve T-shirts with some tongue-in-cheek, smutty insignia is guaranteed to start a conversation.


From: Spain

In a Nutshell: Eyewear can be tricky to get right, but this Spanish womenswear label makes the A grade. Though the brand offers women’s ready-to-wear staples, their range of architectural eyewear isn’t confined by pesky, archaic gender norms.

Key Pieces: Obviously, the eyewear. The stunners seen above have a fluid form to them and those hazy yellow lenses are truly excellent.

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