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This week we’re shining a light on some tongue-in-cheek streetwear from London, simple staples from Lagos, ’90s inspired garms from Paris, womenswear from New York and modern disco-wear from Los Angeles. Check them out below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite Under the Radar brand for 2017 in this year’s Highsnobiety Crowns.


From: Los Angeles, USA.

In a Nutshell: Re-purposed ’40s and ’50s military surplus cut to contemporary all-black styles.

Key Pieces: Placebo’s neck gaiter is made from ripstop material with antique government issue d-rings and heavyweight canvas belting. It’s a more serious, militia-inspired alternative to this season’s oversized scarf trend.

Abu Blunt

From: Moscow, Russia.

In a Nutshell: Creative director Abu Blunt uses nanotechnology fabrics to explore the changing visual codes of people immigrating from culture to culture, particularly East to West.

Key Pieces: The utilitarian black/blue top with exposed front-facing pockets is the perfect functional-cop to carry passports, travel documents and other less bureaucratic travel essentials.

I.N Official

From: Lagos, Nigeria.

In a Nutshell: Clean lines, lightweight fabrics and details such as metal embossed buttons from emerging Nigerian talent Ifeanyi Nwune.

Key Pieces: The simple short-sleeved, oversized-collar shirt in electric blue is especially steezy, and we like it worn as a two-piece with the blue/gold trackpants, too.

Wasted Paris

From: Paris, France.

In a Nutshell: Contemporary technical design with a strong leaning toward ’90s-inspired imagery and metal music prints and fonts.

Key Pieces: A nice interpretation of music subculture, we like the “FORGET TO BREATHE” hooded sweatshirt in black, with contrast red stitching, a side patch on the sleeve and demonic dog print on the front. Je suis emo.


From: Berlin, Germany.

In a Nutshell: For SS18, XIMONLEE inspects the intersection of historic aesthetics like traditional oriental rugs with modern ones such as Chinese character tattoos.

Key Pieces: For some heavy shirting, we like the two-tone tattoo pullover in blue/white, which features loose threads hanging unstitched and bound into plaits at the back.


From: Schio, Italy.

In a Nutshell: Limited edition, hand-knitted viscose T-shirts from a collaboration between Italian brand Vitelli and “avant-pop” festival Club to Club.

Key Pieces: For a modern update to classic Italian knitwear, the black moka tee is a super-soft premium knit with extra-wide sleeves and “the new wave” print across the middle.

Slashed by Tia

From: New York, USA.

In a Nutshell: Silky, sheer and mesh womenswear for carefree bad bitches who love themselves.

Key Pieces: We dig the long-sleeve ruffled white two-piece; definitely cop before it blows up on Instagram.

Disco Tuesdays

From: Los Angeles, USA.

In a Nutshell: From the creator of Surf Is Dead, Disco Tuesdays is a throwback to the decadence of 1970s Studio 54 for the 2017 disco-enthusiast.

Key Pieces: There’s some bold graphics here featuring queen of disco Grace Jones, but we think the “DISCO” hoodie in aqua blue with a purple yin yang graphic is the perfect streetwear edition of modern disco attire.


From: London, UK.

In a Nutshell: Affordable and stylish streetwear pieces from London designer Emay Enemokwu, who started Jehu-Cal when he was 19 years old. N.b. The captions on the webstore are pretty funny.

Key Pieces: The super bright amber hoodie with branding on the front and a cheeky/creepy smiley on the back is just the kind of ambiguous mixed message we want to be giving this season. It also makes us want to flex a samurai sword.


From: Germany.

In a Nutshell: German streetwear label with a ’90s sportswear feel.

Key Pieces: The white retro sport flag hoodie is a super cozy heavyweight version of a classic streetwear staple, with the collection’s motto “STAND FOR SOMETHING” in contrasting lettering underneath the flag and a very ’90s GOODBOIS logo.

Words by Max Grobe
Associate Fashion Editor
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