The Highsnobiety inboxes are inundated on a daily basis with new brands vying for a piece of the spotlight. So, to help you show off your vast knowledge of obscure fashion labels, each month we take a moment to introduce you to a fresh batch of upcoming talent.

Below you’ll find some of the best collections to land in our inbox this month, from a Parisian designer by way of India and Australia who has exacted their own brand of elegant utility to a young London-based designer who cut his teeth at A COLD WALL*. Get to know these brands before they’re massive.

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From: Paris, France

In a Nutshell: Indian-born designer Vaz Rajan left Australia for Paris in 2010, and he hasn’t looked back. After cutting his teeth at Rick Owens where he oversaw the design and development of men’s and women’s footwear, Rajan founded his latest independent endeavor, ADYAR, in 2016.

The brand has quickly evolved into a platform for the designer’s distinctly radical approach to concepts, where deceptively simple shapes are rigorously reworked with precise details and expert craftsmanship.

Key Pieces: The nylon sateen workwear looks are standout, and the silk organza scarves accompanying a slew of looks is a delicate touch to an otherwise ballistic collection.

Eastwood Danso

From: London, UK

In a Nutshell: Before launching his eponymous label at just 17 years old, Eastwood Danso tried his hand at modeling for the likes of A COLD WALL*, soaking up as much knowledge as he could before going out on his own. A year later, and Danso has just dropped his debut collection titled “Being and Time” where familiar silhouettes are reworked with precise details, whether it's an unlikely graphic or an elongated belt.

Key Pieces: The side-stripe track pant with a sumptuous velour detailing in blood red is superb.


From: Stuttgart, Germany

In a Nutshell: FUN TIME is a collective project, made up of designers, photographers, musicians and researchers, who regularly come together to probe particular subcultures and youth movements. Their latest collection is inspired by the UK acid and rave scene, and the brand uses fashion as a medium to translate its findings into a robust offering of streetwear staples.

Key Pieces: The slightly boxy and perfectly oversized long sleeve black T-shirt, featuring a royal blue foil print on the front is one for one when the temperatures start to drop on a summer night.


From: Melbourne, Australia

In a Nutshell: This Melbourne-based upstart is committed to sartorial simplicity at its finest, putting out easy unisex staples tailored to perfection, and crafted in loopback French Terry.

Key Pieces: The heather gray box logo sweatshirt is an easy wardrobe staple to work into any look.


From: New York, NY

In a Nutshell: This newly launched footwear brand is taking the aggressive silhouette game to a whole new level, fusing plenty of off-kilter shapes and loud details with interesting material choices and exuberant colorways. It's a parade of unapologetic kitsch and a necessary investment for anyone looking to finish a fire fit with some statement footwear.

Key Pieces: Everything. Every single shoe looks like a shotgun wedding between Dr. Martens and Fisher-Price.


From: Berlin, Germany

In a Nutshell: The designers behind OBS don’t even consider themselves designers, more as kind of engineers. The brand's approach means its products are crafted with total accuracy. Crewnecks T-shirts are deftly cut, with the perfect drop-shoulder and oversized fit. However, it’s the industrial graphic details and non-aggressive colorways (from dusty blue to gray) that make these staples so covetable.

Key Pieces: The key piece is the OBS “pochette”, a leather handbag with an adjustable leather strap and screen printed back.

Protect Our Own Riches

From: London, UK

In a Nutshell: This emerging streetwear upstart from a group of like-minded East London natives has dropped its first offering, and it fuses classic sportswear with clean, modern details. While there are pretty of streetwear staples like graphic T-shirts and camo hoodies, each piece boasts its own graphic take on the brand’s logo.

Key Pieces: While everything is totally wearable, the pale pink crewneck long sleeve T-shirt is an easy way upgrade any tired ‘fit.

Sundae School

From: Seoul, Korea

In a Nutshell: This could be the world’s first smokewear brand that produces apparel and supplies strictly for "high rollers." What that really means is that the brand is into obscenely comfy garmz that are as easy to lounge in as they are to hit the streets of Seoul in.

Key Pieces: While the iron-patches are cute, the “See-Through Seoul” jacket is the winning piece. It’s basically a denim jacket with distressed details, overlaid with a fitted sheet of sheeny plastic.

The People Vs.

From: Sydney, Australia

In a Nutshell: This rising brands makes easy wardrobe staples with a hit of punk-rock nostalgia. Having spent countless hours trawling flea markets for silhouettes and experimenting with washing, dying and printing techniques, and destroyed detailing, the result is a streetwear-inspired offering with retro surf-punk styling.

Key Pieces: The logo-laden long sleeve T-shirt in black, with the brand’s logo reworked in different graphic reiterations is an easy base staple to start with.


From: New York, NY

In a Nutshell: This NYC-based footwear label swipes inspo from the German Bauhaus movement and the rich legacy of Japanese minimalism. It’s a precise aesthetic formula that manages to find its place in each and every design.

Key Pieces: With a strict focus on superbly simple silhouettes, each and every piece is deliciously easy wearable. The canvas option would be the ideal pair of summer kicks, without a doubt.

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