The Highsnobiety inboxes are inundated on a daily basis with new brands vying for a piece of the spotlight. So, to help you show off your vast knowledge of obscure fashion labels, each month we take a moment to introduce you to a fresh batch of upcoming talent.

Below you’ll find some of the best collections to land in our inbox this month, from chic Parisian menswear to grungy Hong Kong streetwear. Get to know these brands before they’re massive.

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From: Paris

In a Nutshell: Flipping the concept of workwear to the 21st Century, where the uniforms of Silicon Valley tech workers are comfortable, low-key and utilitarian. Or, as the brand’s press release puts it, “comfort and style trumps formality.”

Key Pieces: Bright crimson button-downs and extra-dope, extra-long double-breasted overcoats.

Ignored Prayers

From: Los Angeles

In a Nutshell: A DIY passion project among friends, Ignored Prayers’ debut collection of streetwear pieces also includes a collaboration with skater and photographer Jerry Hsu.

Key Pieces: Jerry Hsu’s graphic tees adorned with primitive illustrations of a rollerblading cartoon character named “Rad Rat.”

John Lawrence Sullivan

From: Japan

In a Nutshell: Started by former boxer Arashi Yanagawa, John Lawrence Sullivan mixes military influences with British tailoring. There’s camo and netting featured across all product categories, and the British influences can be felt via oversized coats and blazers. What’s more, the brand’s FW17 lookbook was styled by Vetements and Balenciaga’s über stylist Lotta Volkova.

Key Pieces: Tyvek paper coats, mega-baggy trousers and even-baggier camo jackets.

Leon Bara

From: London

In a Nutshell: A self-styled “classical vision of modernism,” Leon Bara is equal parts minimalist and classic. There’s both casual and formal pieces, but they’re executed with an eye for modern tastes, which means a neutral color palette and technical, high-performance fabrics.

Key Pieces: Steel blue suede overshirts and matching trousers, boxy grey three-button suits.


From: Italy

In a Nutshell: A streetwear brand that’s all about scribbled graphics and slogans. The brand’s debut collection is made in Italy, too.

Key Pieces: Allover print tees covered in gritty doodles.

Raw Emotions

From: Hong Kong

In a Nutshell: A grungy, rock ‘n’ roll-inspired vision of streetwear.

Key Pieces: Vintage Levi’s trucker jackets that have been covered with patches, patchworked flannels and half-and-half, cut-and-sewn tees.

Severe Nature

From: Toronto

In a Nutshell: Modern, grunge-infused streetwear that’s all about strong typography and clean graphics.

Key Pieces: Mock-necked longsleeves and hoodies adorned with chenille lettering.

Sing In The Rain

From: Guangzhou, China

In a Nutshell: Drapey streetwear for ninja goths, produced with the aim of providing insulation and rain protection using athletic and military fabrics.

Key Pieces: Tech jackets that can be worn over the shoulder via some handy internal straps.

Zirkus Zirkus

From: Berlin 

In a Nutshell: Streetwear from Germany with plenty of edgy, retro graphics.

Key Pieces: Hoodies adorned with ironic Russian lettering and American eagles, tees with Raf Simons-style collage graphics.

VISIONS by Tony Camaro

From: Los Angeles

In a Nutshell: The work of 21-year-old artist Tony Camaro, VISIONS is a ten-piece collection of men’s and womenswear that the designer calls “Future Grunge.”

Key Pieces: Repurposed neon orange workwear and ultra-cropped shirting and oversized sweaters.

Words by Alec Leach
Freelance Writer/Editor/Consultant

Alec Leach grew up in Brighton, England, but now lives in Berlin