The Highsnobiety inboxes are inundated on a daily basis with new menswear brands vying for a piece of the spotlight. So, to help you show off your vast knowledge of obscure fashion labels, each month we take a moment to introduce you to a fresh batch of upcoming talent.

Below you’ll find some of the best collections to land in our inbox this month, from upcoming Swedish talent to punky Spanish streetwear. Get to know these brands before they’re massive.

If your label wants to be considered for future posts then, by all means, get in touch. Meanwhile, for more undiscovered talent, check out the rest of our Under the Radar series.

Ferrari Concept

From: Berlin, Germany

In a Nutshell: Leather-tastic androgynous futurism, with plenty of PVC, red latex and sculptural silhouettes.

Key Pieces: That banging crimson leather trench coat and any of those head-turning latex pieces.


From: Sweden

In a Nutshell: Chateau is all about low-key branding and tongue-in-cheek graphic flair. The brand's playful imagery includes coffee, cigarettes, graves and roses, and there's a healthy dose of on-trend orange and goth fonts, too.

Key Pieces: The coffee-and-cigarettes adorned "Breakfast" crewneck, and anything in that mega-striking orange color.


From: London, UK

In a Nutshell: London streetwear retailer Blacksmith unveils its own in-house label, with a lookbook shot by upcoming grime photographer Vicky Grout. There's US-made headwear, with tees and cut-and-sew pieces made in the UK. Visually, the brand goes for some striking graphics and a few head-turning colorways.

Key Pieces: Champion windbreakers and quarter-zip fleeces and the "Tuned Out" hoodie adorned with eerie, dystopian sci-fi graphics.


From: Barcelona, Spain

In a Nutshell: Edgy streetwear label Costalamel clashes romantic imagery like roses and positive slogans against punky cut-and-paste graphics, military garments and warped graphics.

Key Pieces: The hooligan-style football scarf and anything pink.

Danilo Paura

From: Italy

In a Nutshell: Up-and-coming Italian designer Danilo Pauro debuts a baller set of statement pieces for fashion-forward peacocks. It's a wild explosion of color, grungy styling and flamboyant sensibilities.

Key Pieces: The plush satin souvenir jacket, zebra-patterned biker jacket and navy jacquard tracksuit.


From: Copenhagen, Denmark

In a Nutshell: The latest addition to the bustling athleisure market, DOXA produces some modern, clean takes on essential running gear. What's more, the brand's founders are committed to improving living conditions by donating gear to young athletes in Kenya via the Kenswed Academy.

Key Pieces: The lightweight runner's jacket adorned with heavy branding down the sleeve.

Head of State

From: New York, USA

In a Nutshell: A streetwear-high fashion mashup with a taste for punky graphics, forward-thinking styling and DIY sensibilities.

Key Pieces: White trousers are always a vibe, and there's plenty of striking hoodies and crewnecks to splash your cash on, too.

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