If there’s one thing that gets most of us through the day, it’s music. Whether we’re scrolling through SoundCloud looking for mood tunes to help alleviate a case of the Mondays, or listening to a mixtape someone has sent our way, not a day goes by without some kind of music playing in our offices.

Since our inboxes tend to get inundated with projects from artists interested in coverage, we're spotlighting some of the quietly wondrous singles that find their way to us each week. These artists may not have conquered the Billboard 100 (yet) but they've all got something unique to offer, and they're all worth getting to know.

Scroll through to see our 10 under the radar tracks to discover this week, and stay tuned for a fresh selection next week.

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"People Like Me"

Who: Liana Bank$ & Ayo Jay

Where: New York

Sounds Like: When the concrete jungle meets island life a la Grace Jones.


Who: Baltra

Where: NYC

Sounds Like: Dusty, lo-fi grooves over an acid-led house beat.

"Pretty Big House"

Who: Jarami

Where: Stockholm

Sounds Like: The kind of ambient tunes you'd hear at a booze and avocado toast Williamsburg brunch.


Who: Odunsi & Nonso Amadi

Where: Lagos, Nigeria

Sounds Like: When you're mad at bae so they take you on a tropical vacation with palm trees and coconut water.

"Gold Plate"

Who: A.G Cook (PC Music)

Where:  London

Sounds Like: Utterly brilliant, bonkers club music with schizophrenic vocals.

"Mali Blues"

Who: Jose Marquez

Where: Los Angeles

Sounds Like: Palm-wine guitar and Jùjú style rhythms born in the L.A heat.

"Early This Morning"

Who: Giggs x Gil Scott Heron

Where: London via NYC

Sounds Like: UK Road Rap over a musical icon’s ominous beat.

"Say You Love Me"

Who:  Alec Khaoli (via Awesome Tapes From Africa)

Where: South Africa

Sounds Like:  Soul-stirring, dance-floor re-issue straight out of South Africa.

"Say You Love Me"

Who:  Lord Echo

Where:  New Zealand

Sounds Like:  Rock steady, uplifting and breezy reggae designed for the incoming sunshine.

"Song For Chance"

Who:  Andy Stott

Where:  London

Sounds Like:  Ethereal Latvian church choir hymnal.

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