The New York Times reports that single-use plastic bags could soon be banned across New York State. The ban, which is expected to be part of the state’s budget bills that are slated to be passed by Monday, would have a few exemptions. Fast food takeout bags will be excluded along with bags used for bulk items like garment bags, and some supermarket uses, including bags used for meats and deli products. This move would also affect notable brands such as Supreme, as the label's plastic bogo shopping bags are instantly recognizable, and would force the streetwear brand to adapt with a new bag type.

Additionally, the ban would be combined with another component, a five-cent fee on paper bags. But, it would be up to counties and cities to impose the nickel fee. However, the revenue would go to the state’s Environmental Protection Fund as well as a separate fund to buy reusable bags for consumers. Supporters of the new law said that this was necessary to further limit litter into the state’s streets and oceanfront, as well as minimizing the greenhouse emissions caused by their production.

New York will be the third state banning single-use plastic bags, once it begins in March 2020, following California and Hawaii. The law also proves to be beneficial to the environment and promotes a more sustainable future, and aims to further lead a global movement toward prohibiting single-use plastic items.

For the full story, follow on over to The New York Times.

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