Apple is still the king when it comes to selling its legions of fans accessories they never used to need. Case in point: getting rid of the headphone jack.

The latest such accessory Apple is trying to push is its wireless Airpower charging pad, which debuted at its keynote back in September.

Wireless charging being one of the biggest new features of the iPhone 8/8 Plus and X models, it stands to reason that Apple cashes in with its own charging pad. And, unlike existing competitors, Apple’s Airpower charging pad claims to be able to charge up to three devices simultaneously.

At first glance this looks like Apple making your life easier, not more difficult. Until Polish retailer X-Kom listed the device on its website for 999 Polish zloty, which is about $270 (however, similarly-priced products on X-Kom go for about $200 in the U.S.).

So, if you really want to get rid of the clutter that numerous wired chargers cause, get ready to pay up or make do with a standard Qi charging pad.

In related, and hardly unexpected news, the iPhone X is already reselling for insane prices.

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