nick young nba fashion
Getty Images / Michael Kovac

Nick Young is a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors but for some people he’s best known for his off-the-court-swag. Young has laced up in various adidas YEEZYs and other rare sneakers while playing in the NBA, but also enjoys the pre-game catwalk as much as the next player, sometimes dressing in borderline ridiculous ’fits.

So it came as a surprise when Young recently took to his Twitter, writing, “I hate the way everybody dress [sic] to workout and hoop now days [sic] … we getting worst then [sic] Ig models…just hoop and work.”

The pre-game catwalk has become a way for NBA players to express themselves and impress with their style away from the court. Given that Young likes to peacock more than most, the motivation behind his comments is currently unclear.

Perhaps this came as a response to Kanye West’s tweet about how he’s adding a basketball line to his YEEZY footwear collection in 2019.

Either way, with the NBA season only a few months away, it will be interesting to see how Nick Young decides to present himself both on and off the court.

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