The Nigeria World Cup jersey has been the biggest talking point in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup in Russia. When it was first revealed, social media was in awe at what many described as the best soccer jersey in a very long time.

Then came the news — by way of the Nigerian Football Association — that the jersey had been pre-ordered an alleged 3 million times. Now that it has finally dropped (and sold out basically everywhere), people are trying to resell the jersey on sites such as Facebook, Grailed, and eBay.

While this wouldn’t be noteworthy for a pair of limited-edition sneakers or an extremely hyped collaboration, soccer jerseys don’t really resell for much — especially if they’re not a rare vintage shirt. But celebrities such as Skepta giving the jersey a big co-sign might have played a part in hyping up its release, resulting in the current resale climate.

A quick look at Grailed shows us that users have listed the jersey for prices ranging from $170 to $295, a steep increase from its initial $90 retail price. eBay users are also looking to flip their jerseys, listing them for similar prices. And it’s not just the home jersey that’s been put up at resell prices. The warm-up top, away jersey, and track jackets are listed for eye-watering price tags, too.

What do you think? Are the jerseys worthy of reselling? Let us know in the comments.

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