In conjunction with Nike's celebratory Air Force 1 AF-100 capsule, BSTN has embarked on a special project showcasing their affinity for the iconic sneaker as well as an additional aspect of the collaboration in Roc-A-Fella Records. Here — as the three shop owners grew up during the golden era of the Air Force 1 — BSTN presents a series of customized vehicles, inspired by the collaborative entries from the collection.

We in turn find a Can-Am Spyder bike signifying ACRONYM's Air Force 1 and Errolson Hugh's technical, deconstructed philosophy; a Mercedes-AMG G 63 representing Just Don's contribution, the only high-top from the capsule; a Lamborghini Aventador giving a nod to Travis Scott's Forces and the rapper's life in the fast lane, and a Cessna Citation XLS private jet pointing to the Roc-A-Fella iteration.

Click through the gallery above for a detailed look at BSTN's customized AF-100-inspired vehicles, then follow here for on-look images of the sneakers.

For more design, be sure to check out this insane pickup truck that has been remained for the future.

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